Selecting an Ideal Residential Water Tank Pump

The right water tank is a valuable addition in residential properties. This asset will allow you to harvest and store rainwater for use during periods of shortage. Additionally, you can use the water to supplement your normal supply, lowering your total expenses. If you are thinking about installing a tank in your home, plan early for the distribution. Ideally, you will need to purchase a pump, unless your tank is elevated enough to rely on gravity. The pump will generate the right pressure so that you will have sufficient water supply at all outlets. Here are some factors to examine before settling on the best type of water tank pump.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is a parameter that measures the tank output in terms of litres per minute. It is critical to evaluate this aspect before buying a pump because it will affect the expediency of your supply. The pressure required in your home will depend on the potential applications of the water. Calculate the appropriate water pressure by adding the required water volume per minute in the house when multiple outlets are operating simultaneously. In some cases, you will not need high water pressure for your tank. For example, if your tank is primarily used in washing clothes and flushing toilets, you can get a low pressure pump. However, you will need to wait longer for the cistern or machine bowl to fill. On the other hand, you will need a powerful pump for showers, sprinklers and main taps.

Water Pump Noise

The noise produced by an operating pump is an important factor in the residential environment. If your water tank pump is loud, you will experience discomfort. The level of noise is highly dependent on the type, so you should compare the ratings on different suitable devices in the market. If you want to purchase a freestanding tank pump, you should consider installing a cover or housing around it. These containments are designed to cause sound attenuation and protect the pump. Alternatively, you could purchase a submersible pump[,] which will be installed inside the water. This is a favourable choice with regard to noise levels, because the water will muffle the sounds.

Energy Usage

A powerful tank pump will provide consistent water flow, but it will draw high levels of energy. Therefore, you should not rely on the wattage or horsepower ratings only when purchasing a pump. If you find two pumps with different energy ratings but the same flow rate and pressure, choose the lower wattage alternative.

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