How to Reduce Your Chance of Contracting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition affecting the carpal tunnel (a passageway found in the wrist). It is caused by being engaged in repetitive tasks like handling vibrating equipment at a construction site. Though vibrating equipment provided by companies like VSS - Vibration Systems & Solutions (Australia) are helpful for your work, you need to be aware of how it is affecting your wrists and hands, since carpal tunnel normally manifests as pain, numbness or swelling of the affected wrist/hand. This article discusses some measures that construction workers can use to avoid suffering from this condition as they handle concrete vibrating equipment at a worksite.

Ensure That Your Hands Are Warm

Blood vessels constrict when it is cold in order to minimize heat loss from the body. The result of that constriction is that peripheral parts of the body (such as the hands) receive a limited supply of blood and that can cause your hands to become stiff as you handle vibratory equipment. You can avoid this numbness/stiffness from taking place by wearing gloves to keep your hands and fingers warm so that blood flow remains optimal.

Be Mindful of the Force You Use to Handle the Equipment

Hand fatigue (and pain) can result from using much more force than is necessary when you are holding industrial vibrating equipment. Relax your grip so that you are using just enough force to keep the equipment from straying into an unwanted path. Consult your supervisor in case you are not sure about the minimal necessary force you need to apply as you hold the equipment.

Take Frequent Breaks

Another way to avoid suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome is to take regular breaks during your work-shift. These breaks allow your hands and fingers to rest so that normal blood flow is restored. The muscles also get a needed break, so they will be less likely to become sore. The frequency of the breaks will depend on the intensity of your work as well as the schedules/rules provided by those in charge of the work.

Be Mindful About Your Posture

It is important to maintain good posture because it helps your blood vessels to be unhindered in performing their task of keeping your hand tissues supplied with blood and oxygen. Keep your neck, shoulders and elbows straight/relaxed and carpal tunnel syndrome will be kept at bay. Do not ignore any pain/numbness that you feel, as those may be signals alerting you to adjust your posture to a better one.

All jobs come with occupational hazards, and carpal tunnel syndrome is one possibility that comes with the task of operating industrial vibrating equipment. Adhere to all safety guidelines (like wearing gloves with coated fingers/palms to reduce how much you have to grip your equipment), and you will reduce your likelihood of suffering from this condition.