Types of Display Stands You Can Consider As a Newbie Exhibitor

One of the ways of putting word out about your business' products or services is by attending exhibitions. However, first time exhibitors may find the task of selecting an appropriate display stand daunting. This is due to the numerous of options available, thus making the prospect of selecting one quite overwhelming. The good news is once you know what your needs and budget are, it greatly narrows down your options for you. Here are some of the display stands that you can consider as newbie exhibitor.

Bespoke display stands

These stands are also referred to as custom display stands. They are the top tier option when it comes to renting or buying display stands. These types of stands are designed to be physically impressive. Since they call the loudest attention to themselves, they have the highest chances of drawing more potential customers to your exhibit. Custom stands are designed to meet your brief and your exact specifications, as such the stand is unique as designed for each client. Another thing to note is that these stands are not just outwardly imposing. They also have sufficient room within the stand to provide a seating area, a stage or whatever else you may want, depending on the size you have chosen. This works toward making it easier for your potential clients to interact with your staff as well as the goods or services that you are trying to sell. Due to how big bespoke display stands are, the organizers of the exhibition will typically use them as landmarks to guide visitors. It goes without saying that these are also the most expensive option you could choose for a display stand.

Modular display stands

These types of stands are better suited for businesses that have a healthy budget but cannot go overboard. They are not as structurally imposing as their custom counterparts are, but they will still showcase your goods and services impressively. The framework typically comprises aluminium beams and a connector. Once the framework is assembled, you can place your desired graphics onto the stand. With modular stands, you can opt for a variety of designs, ranging from curved walls created by circular beams, incorporating a display case, inclusion of LED screens and more. Additionally, since they are not as big as the custom stands, they can be reconfigured to be incorporated into various spaces so you can reuse them repeatedly.

Pop up display stands

These are the most affordable stands that exhibitors can opt for. They are small and comprise simplistic modular frames. You then have the option of attaching graphics onto the structure to promote your goods or services. These display stands take up the least room and are the easiest to transport.