Need Insulated Panels For Your Build? Here’s How To Go About It

Insulated panels are the modern way to construct commercial, industrial, and residential properties. These panels, featuring two strong structural ply boards and a layer of hardened foam in between, are insulated and have high fire-resistant properties. This makes the insulated panel installation process easy, fast, and cost-effective. To get insulated panels for your build, follow these simple steps detailed below.

Discuss building plan with manufacturer

First, discuss your build design with the insulated panels manufacturer. Both you, your contractor, and the manufacturer will have to agree on the final design plan. Your insulated panels manufacturer may suggest some slight alterations in the lengths or heights of the panels in order to effect your build appropriately. Once the final plan is agreed upon, the manufacture will come up with a list of panels required, inclusive of the dimensions for each. These panels will come pre-cut to fit all the walls and roofs. This eliminates the need to cut the panels on site which usually causes delays causes wastage.

Choose size of panels depending on building use

Once you have the complete inventory of the panels needed, you will need to select the structural particulars for each. You can choose different thicknesses and varying insulation properties depending on what the property is for. For example, in commercial rooms meant for frozen storage or processing, thicker insulated walls can greatly help save on energy costs.

Select cladding material

Next, select what materials to use for the exterior and internal walls. Most internal walls are covered in aluminium or plaster, while external walls can be covered in plaster, timber or aluminium. If your property is meant for health-related functions, your manufacturer will advise you to go with food-grade materials.

Choose the finishes

Once you have decided on what materials to have on your panels, choose the finishes. Here, you get to select the colours of the inner and outer panels. You also get to choose the texture and the final finish; glossy or matte. You can also request special coatings depending on the end-applications.

Choose final extras

Last but not least, you can also choose a few extras to help complete your build in architectural harmony with the panels; but only if your supplier manufactures them as well. These extras include lighting products, ventilation systems, windows and doors, among others.

Once done, your supplier will provide you with a cost estimate and delivery dates. You can then start to prepare your build site as you wait for your insulated panels to arrive.