Choosing Timber Crates can solve your Business’s Packaging and Storage Problems

Has your business ever suffered and made loss because of poor packaging and storage materials? If so then probably you chose the wrong materials for storing and packaging heavy products. If you are critically thinking which kind of packaging and storage equipment to use, timber crates are the most reliable.

There are two common types of timber crates available for you to choose:

Open crates: These are made using wooden planks as the exterior sheathing. They are most suitable for carrying perishable items like fruits, animals, vegetables and raw food.

Closed crates: These are completely closed and have no visible openings. They are used to carry items that require special care, such as electronic equipment.

The following information should help you understand why timber crates would best fit your industrial packaging and storage needs:

Strength and durability

Timber has reliably been used all over the world by all sorts of industrial businesses. Due to the fact that it is very strong if made from the right tree such as mahogany, you can rely on the timber crates as it does not easily get damaged.Its strength means it is durable and long lasting to serve your business.

Weather resistant

Unlike cardboard boxes or simple plywood, timber's strong material thickness protects your products safely from any harsh weather conditions. Whether it's rainstorms or winter, timber being water proof can mean your items are very safe.

Easy to modify

Timber crates are very flexible. You can shape them in the size you want so that they can accommodate your products which can vary in sizes. This way, you can reduce or increase their width and length without making any damage to them.

Easy to repair and fix

Timber, unlike plastic crates or plywood, can easily be repaired in case of any damage. Timber bars/rods can be fixed together by nails or wires while re-adjusting them. For any broken part, you might need to get a small piece of wood and wedge it in the damaged area between the timber bars.

Affordability and easy maintenance

Among all the available packaging and storage crates, timber crates are the least expensive. This is because of the fact timber wood is widely available and the crates themselves are so much easier to make and easier to maintain.

Made from hard wood, timber crates come in many crating designs suitable to handle the packaging, storage and transportation needs of your business. Most industries that deal in heavy goods use them reliably. So, should your business.