Why You Should Switch From Wood to Plastic Pallets

Most industries that deal with packaged goods will require the use of pallets to store and transport their products. In years past, wood pallets were a popular option. However, wood pallets are not the only option available to you. More people are gravitating towards the use of plastic pallets for their goods. A misconception that some people have is that plastic pallets are too expensive. The truth of the matter, though, is that these pallets offer a range of advantages; hence, they should be considered as an investment for your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should switch from wood to plastic pallets. 

Plastic pallets provide easier handling

One of the biggest benefits that plastic pallets have over wood is that they are easier to handle when loading them, unloading them and putting them into storage. When wood pallets have been used for a significant period of time, they are prone to splintering. This poses the risk of injuries if handled incorrectly or without protective gear. Plastic pallets have a smooth finish that will not splinter with use, making them a safer option. 

Plastic pallets are easy to maintain

When you use pallets for your operations, then you need pallets that are easy to keep clean and well-maintained. Wood pallets are organic and, as such, have a propensity to absorb substances. If you are dealing with goods that could leak or have a pungent odour, you will find that your wood pallets will absorb these smells and substances. Eliminating the stains or the pungent odours can prove quite difficult, and this poses the risk of cross contamination. As such, you may have to retire the wood pallets that have become compromised. This is not a concern that you would have with plastic pallets. Since plastic is not porous, you do not have to worry about them absorbing any substances. In the event that your products leak into the plastic, they can easily be cleaned without leaving behind any staining or residue. 

Plastic pallets have a better ROI

ROI stands for return on investment. A misconception that some people have is that since wood pallets are cheap, they are more economical. The truth of the matter is that wood pallets tend to require frequent repairs and replacement. As such, you could be spending more in the long run. Plastic pallets have a longer lifespan, which make them a better return on investment.