Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Demystified for the First-Time Buyer

Refrigeration, air conditioning and the control of air temperatures are optimal for ensuring thermal comfort in commercial buildings. People need conducive working spaces every time they check into the office for their daily activities. The most reliable way of providing such an environment is by using artificial air conditioning systems made up of ducts, compressors, refrigerants and fans. These components work together to deliver cool air into the office space while removing heat through radiation and convection. Cooling, on the other hand, happens by the conduction of refrigeration elements such as ice and water. If you are going for an air conditioning system for the first time, here are the important things you must know:

Understanding Which System to Buy

The market has many air conditioning systems you can go for. The most popular ones are single-split and multi-split systems. Single-split systems are the go-to option when you need an air conditioning system in a small office space. Every single unit has an indoor and outdoor system, although you can combine them to serve multiple spaces. The only problem is that you will need lots of space on the outside to hold multiple outdoor components. Multi-split systems share the same working principle as single split systems. The only difference is that you can connect multiple indoor components to one outdoor unit. They can be as many as nine components.

Retrofitting the System

It is important to decide on the type of air conditioning system you will use in your building at the construction phase. This is because of the installation challenges you will encounter when trying to retrofit some air-conditioning systems. For instance, a building that wasn't designed to receive an evaporator (also called condenser) will necessitate extensive changes to walls, ceilings and other sections so as to accommodate the unit. Retrofitting is only convenient for portable air conditioning systems whose location can be easily changed.

Maintaining the System

Maintenance is an elemental aspect when it comes to the efficiency of an air conditioning system. Manufacturers have thus equipped them with some features that enhance their performance for as long as possible. Internal air filters are a good example of such features. They are made from a replaceable gauzy material. Some are even washable such that you can clean with soap and water when dust accumulates on them. Look out for such provisions in your manual to ensure that you carry out all the required maintenance work.

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