The Pros of Opting For Scissor Lift Hire and the Types Available To You

If your warehouse or project requires the lifting and lowering of loads and workers, then you need to hire a scissor lift. These hydraulic-powered systems comprise a platform at the top and a scissor-like mechanism at the bottom. Read on for the advantages of opting for scissor lift hire as well as the three types of equipment that are available to you.


One of the main reasons why you should choose scissor lift hire is that it accords you an affordable way of accessing equipment that will allow your employees to access hard to reach areas in a safe manner. You may think that a ladder is just as functional for this type of work, but the reality is that scissor lifts provide a secure platform, which is unlike ladders. Moreover, multiple contractors can work on the scissor lift at the same time, while a ladder only allows one person to use it at a time.

The second reason why scissor lifts are advantageous to your project is that they are freestanding whereas ladders need to be supported against a wall. Lastly, guardrails surround the scissor lift, and these prevent the risk of falling from the platform.


You may think that one scissor lit will be suitable for any type of elevated work, but this is not correct. The reason why there are different types of equipment is that each is designed for specific projects and it is crucial to know what will be best for you if you are to make the most of scissor lift hire. A few of the different options available to you include:

Low-level equipment

As implied by the name, these scissor lifts are employed at short heights, making them ideal for small-scale warehouses, garages and projects that will be undertaken indoors. The equipment is lightweight, and this limits the risk of damage to the floor. These scissor lifts are typically powered by electricity.

High-level equipment

These scissor lifts are best employed for projects that entail work being done at great heights. Hence, they are much taller than their low-level counterparts are. While these scissor lifts can be utilised indoors, it has to be in a building with incredibly high ceilings. They run on diesel as well as electricity.

Outdoor equipment

The main thing to note about the outdoor variety of scissor lifts is that they are designed with unique specifications that make them compatible with exterior terrain. For instance, they are outfitted with pneumatic tyres that will not succumb to damage when driven over bumpy and uneven terrain. Furthermore, some of them specialise in accessing features such as telephone cables, electric wires and so on.