How to Reduce Your Chance of Contracting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition affecting the carpal tunnel (a passageway found in the wrist). It is caused by being engaged in repetitive tasks like handling vibrating equipment at a construction site. Though vibrating equipment provided by companies like VSS - Vibration Systems & Solutions (Australia) are helpful for your work, you need to be aware of how it is affecting your wrists and hands, since carpal tunnel normally manifests as pain, numbness or swelling of the affected wrist/hand. Read More 

Selecting an Ideal Residential Water Tank Pump

The right water tank is a valuable addition in residential properties. This asset will allow you to harvest and store rainwater for use during periods of shortage. Additionally, you can use the water to supplement your normal supply, lowering your total expenses. If you are thinking about installing a tank in your home, plan early for the distribution. Ideally, you will need to purchase a pump, unless your tank is elevated enough to rely on gravity. Read More 

Truck Drivers: Five Safety Tips for Using Liftgates

Aliftgate is an incredibly convenient tool for loading and unloading a truck. However, without the right safety precautions, working with a liftgate can be dangerous. Protect yourself, your employees and everyone else in the area with these five tips: 1. Choose the right liftgate for your truck. Safety starts when you are choosing the liftgate. Look carefully at its specs. Make sure it is compatible with the height of your truck both when empty and when laden with a load. Read More 

Four Simple Tips for Cleaning and Protecting Sheets of Aluminium

If you own a hardware or building supply shop that sells aluminium sheets for siding or other purposes, you want those sheets to look clean and shiny for your customers. However, over time, the aluminium in your showroom can become dusty, or it can oxidise and develop a thin dark coating. Luckily, you can easily clean your aluminium sheets with these tips: 1. Remove dust and debris. Before you apply any water or cleaners to your aluminium sheets, thoroughly remove dust and debris. Read More 

Tips for Choosing an Elevator Type for Home or Office

An elevator is not a luxury that is out of your reach, as you might assume. These can easily be installed in your own home or any type of office building, either by building out an exterior wall or converting a small closet space. There are many different types of elevators from which to choose, and your contractor or elevator installation company will help you determine the right choice for your space and needs. Read More